Sampai Bila Mahu Percaya Sarawak Report ?

Sampai bila mahu percaya Sarawak Report ?

  Penulis percaya, bagi kita umat Islam yang beriman kepada kebenaran Al-Quran dan sabda Rasulullah SAW, maka sudah pasti kita yakin bahawa Muhammad bin Abdullah itu adalah utusan Allah yang terakhir sebelum kiamat. Dalam erti kata lain, kita semua adalah…

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Dr M Takes On WSJ Lies

Dr M takes on WSJ lies

  Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Sri Mahathir Mohamad bearded the lions in their den Oct. 1 and 2, when he said in New York City that his government was going to expand its fight against drug trafficking and the liberal…

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Political Fatigue Sets In

Political fatigue sets in

  IT has been a whirlwind week for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He has made a clean break with Umno and also with the government that he was once a part of. He has resigned from all his government-linked posts…

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Adenan’s Chinese Courtship

Adenan’s chinese courtship

The battle for the Sarawak vote will involve campaigning across a vast and rugged terrain but the fiercest fight will be for the Chinese vote in the urban centres. THE Prime Minister has been to Sarawak so often that Tan…

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Mahathir Continues With His Lies

Mahathir continues with his lies

  RPK I really do not know who is writing all those articles for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Blog (although I can guess) but yet again his latest piece two days ago, DEMOKRASI DAN NAJIB, is full of distorted facts…

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